Ev Sunak FB.jpg

BB RW QGC Chateaumane Ev Sunak

DOB: 9.3.2017
Odd-Eyed White Female

TICA 2017-2018

Best Of Breed Turkish Angora Kitten Internationally 2017-18
Great Lakes Region 6th Best All Breed Kitten 2017-18

Evalyn was born with the most elegant head and profile. I remember watching her when she would sleep and be in complete awe at her angelic face.  From a very early age she would routinely climb up on my shoulder to be closer to me. and as it became evident she was odd-eyed, I knew this kitten was my unicorn and would probably end up staying with me. 

Evalyn is very elegant - her boning is exceptional. She is petite and not overly-big, which I adore. Her long silky coat is breath-taking as well as her head and I love her ear placement. Her ears are a nice triangular shape as well.

Evalyn as a baby

Evalyn as a baby