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If you are interested in becoming a pet parent to one of our kittens/cats, I would like to get to know you so I can provide the best compatible companion for you and your home. I want to ensure that the cat receives a lifetime commitment of love and care.

Turkish Angoras are very lively, loyal and inquisitive felines. They can be mischievous and have a sense of humor. They can be strong-willed, determined and can be the “dominant” feline in a multi-pet environment. They are VERY clever and smart. That being said, they can be leash trained to walk on a cat-safe harness, learn tricks and are awesome at feline agility. They will follow you around like a dog and will actively participate in your human activities. They can open cupboards, doors and "figure things out" after watching their human execute the task. They like to perch on high places. This can include tops of doors, cabinets and refrigerators.  If you feel you can offer the time, attention, affection and environment for this amazing, unique breed please fill out my preliminary adoption questionnaire below.


Preliminary Adoption Application

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Kittens are raised in my home and are an integral part of the household. I actively socialize them daily. They are exposed to dogs, other cats, household noises and my young daughter.  I provide a quality, complete and balanced species appropriate diet. I believe cats (as obligate carnivores) thrive best on a raw diet, which provides optimal nutrition for excellent health and immunity. The kittens are also fed a low carbohydrate/grain-free high quality canned diet. This ensures that the kitten will be well adapted to both in their new home. I do not recommend dry food for many reasons. Please read this article on feline nutrition. Kittens are ready for their new homes at 14-16 weeks of age - from HCM screened (via echocardiogram) parentage, vaccinated, health guarantee, TICA registration, spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, is felv/fiv tested negative, with 30 days health insurance. Spay/neuter/indoor only/no de-claw written contract. We do not ship pet kittens/cats.  Arrangements can be made for your new family member to be picked up, delivered to you by ground transportation or in-cabin air transport.

Young Adults

Placing my adult cats is very hard to do. They have grown up in my home and are important to my breeding program.  I am attached to them! To maintain a quality cattery, I understand the importance of maintaining low numbers for health and the cats quality of life. Adults are a wonderful option! If you would like to be considered as a potential adoptive parent, please contact me and share information about yourself and your home environment.