Our cats are held in high regard and are an integral part of our family. We provide a nutritionally complete, high-quality species appropriate diet, routine veterinary care  and environmental enrichment. We keep our cattery small to ensure the best quality of life for the cats. Our cats run the house and are treated as treasured animal companions/"pets". We strive for optimal health, excellence in temperament and the attainment of breed standard. We believe that we have a responsibility, as Turkish Angora preservationists, to conduct all available health testing (results available by request). Our long-term goal is to positively contribute to the overall health and longevity of this wonderful breed.


CFA CH, TICA Grand Champion
Yuleene Flamboya of Chateaumane

DOB: 6.29.2016 |  Hearing Blue-Eyed White

TICA Best Turkish Angora
Great Lakes Region 2016/17


FELV/FIV/HW: Negative 11.12.16
Blood type: Type A (blood draw)
HCM (echocardiogram): 6.29.17 Clear/Normal

Yuleene (Julia) came to us from Martina Fischerova, Flamboya Cattery in Prague. Yuleene is not only gorgeous, she has the BEST personality. Yuleenes is extremely intelligent and intuitive. I LOVE everything about her and she is my “heart” cat. She is extremely elegant and has the best profile. Her ear set/size is fabulous.
 I am so thankful to Martina for sharing this exceptional cat with me. Watch a video of her ( at 8 mo. old) winning BEST long-haired cat at a TICA show here.

Grimoire's Snow Queen

Chateaumane Gumus Kadeh

DOB: 9.3.2017  |  Black Smoke
Sire: Kiholea De St. Paer
Dam: GC Yuleene Flamboya


FELV/FIV/HW: Negative
Wisdom Optimal Selection DNA Testing Results:
Kaydi is not at risk for any of the tested known disorders in the breed - CLEAR
Blood Type: N/b
Coat Color: B/B, C/C, a/a, D/d
Genetic Diversity: 35.8
HCM (echocardiogram): TBD Spring 2019

Kaydi is the stunning daughter of Kiholea & Yuleene. Her lighter smoke coloration is gorgeous. She was the healthiest in a litter that was born surprisingly early and made constant steady gains (surpassing her brother most of the time!) and was a thriving strong kitten. Since one of my main goals is health, I decided to keep her for breed betterment. Her ghost markings in her coat are not ideal for the show hall, but her type is excellent. She has a very long elegant body and legs. Her body is perfect. She has a full plumed tail and excellent eye shape. I just love her. She is the most mischievous and FULL of personality!

Antioch Angelica of Chateaumane

Chateaumane Nikitas The Goth

DOB: 9.15.2017  |  Black
Sire: Kiholea De St. Paer
Dam: CH Grimoire's Snow Queen


FELV/FIV/HW: Negative
Blood type: A
Wisdom Optimal Selection DNA Health Testing: TBD
HCM (echocardiogram): TBD

Nikita is the daughter of Kiholea & Elsa. Nikita has the most affectionate laid-back personality. Again, one of my important breeding goals is not only health but temperament. Nikita has an abundance of BOTH! She constantly purrs.  Her loving temperament is amazing. Even though her type is not perfect, her temperament was the deciding factor for me to consider her as a replacement for her mother Elsa. She has a beautiful elegant  head shape and great coat factor. She also has a lovely plumed tail at her young age. She follows me constantly and winds herself around my legs affectionately all of the time. She also LOVES dogs!